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I started a GitHub project, called NClassDotNetCore, which is an attempt to port NClass v2.4, written by Balazs Tihanyi, to .NET Core 5.0.

Why .NET Core?

The original NClass codebase targets the .NET Framework and to run NClass on other operating systems, you’d have to run it through the Mono Framework. The sad news is that Microsoft has decided that version 4.8 will be the last .NET Framework and that .NET Core is where Microsoft is encouraging developers to move to.

.NET Core has many benefits and being cross-platform (runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux) is one of them. However .NET Core does not come with a cross-platform User Interface (UI) which is an issue for desktop development.


WinForms is a UI framework that has been around since the early days of .NET. Its inspiration comes from classic Visual Basic environment. Unfortunately it is very much a Windows technology. Mono has successfully ported WinForms to other operating systems but for .NET Core it is only supported in Windows.

NClass unfortunately is based on WinForms technology. Therefore NClassDotNetCore will only run on Windows.